Universal payment system for digital assets,
based on used access time!

Man Reading Wencontent

With the real-time payment system PPR, we offer a supplement or alternative to subscription models.

The PPR-Viewer is an app that observes reading time and protects valuable content with an effective DRM.

With the PPR-Viewer, you receive valuable data on the reading behavior of your customers.

Prepaid Reading Time

Pay Per Read is an app-based micropayment system for premium content. With PPR, publishers allow their readers to have limited time access to paid content.


With PPR the payment barrier to indivudal contents is removed. This allows new readers to be won, which could not be reached with classic subscription models.

With Every Content

Regardless of whether professional articles, videos, webcontents or expert chats, all cost-related web content can be used with reading time credits.


Extensive security measures protect personal data of users and the rights of authors to their contents.